Feb 15, 2011

Spring Fever

I'm so ready for Spring! The cold, wind and snow have made me impatient for warmer weather. To bide the time I've been busy making seasonal preparations. The living room is where I've focused most of my efforts so far. Believe it or not, my color palate is pretty calm and light. Which is the exact opposite of my original intent!

I started off wanting juicy bold colors like citrus fruit! Pops of orange, green and/or yellow here and there. So I went out and purchased a pair of brass lamps at Goodwill to paint green. They came out pretty good but I had the hardest time accessorizing and making the green work with adjacent rooms. So the next day I painted the lamps light blue. Looks like the decor will be North Carolina Coastal! But I can work with it.

When the lamps were finished I decided to work accessories. Just grabbing things from around the house to make interesting vignettes. I bought a set of craft markers at Michael's and decided to experiment on a Thrift store vase I picked up for a couple of dollars. It originally had multicolored homemade flowers strewn across it with a shiny glaze. Very 1980's. So I primed and spray painted it blue. The white flowers and squigglies were done with white acrylic paint markers. I think I'll add yellow blooms for a shot of color later:

 Next up: layering a second accent color and textures to make the space come alive. Oh, and artwork! I need to do something with the big blank space behind he couch.

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