Feb 15, 2011

Good Morning.

Good morning so far. Both little ones actually ate their breakfasts! No cajoling, threats or rumbling bellies on the way to school. I try to make our morning routine as pleasant as possible. Who wants to start their day screaming and hollerin?' Mornings are also time for Ian and I to spend a few moments alone. Chit chatting about stuff he's interested in while I prepare breakfast.

Ian lying on the couch watching Full House
Sweetpea eating her breakfast in Mama's chair
Sweetpea and Harley playing under the table
Anyway, I thought I'd practice my photography skills this morning. Figure you gotta start somewhere, right? The resource I'm using to help me learn to take better blog picture is Darren Rowse' Digital Photography School forum. If I work a little bit at it every day I can't help but get better, right?

Hmm. Wonder if I can make a light box today?

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