Jul 24, 2010

Beach Inspired Bathroom Art

The hubby and I have been racking our brain trying to come up with a beachy bathroom theme that kids and adult will like. The kids bathroom is also the "company" bathroom. So we want to keep things colorful, yet nice. we also don't want to spend too much moolah.

So last week I bought 2 Malma Mirrors at Ikea for $5 a piece. I pulled them out today and made great bathroom art. Even my hard to impress hubby likes it:
The supplies I used are:
2 Malma Mirrors ($5 a piece @ Ikea)
Torquoise craft paint (59 cents @ Michaels)
Primer (already had)
1 Sponge (already had)
Sand ($1 @ Michaels)
Wooden cut outs from Michaels (89 cents a piece @ Michaels)
Elmers Glue (already had)

Paint the mirror with primer and dry.
Apply 2 coats of torquoise acrylic paint.
Lightly drag a sponge over the wet paint in one direction, then the other. Let dry.
Apply Elmers Glue at the bottom. Make sure you have good coverage. No gaps.
While the glue is wet pour sand on top. Wait a minute then pour excess onto a napkin or whatever is handy.
Affix wooden cutouts to your frame with glue or heat gun.

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