Jun 24, 2010

Cheap World Of Warcraft T Shirt

Here's a quick tutorial for making cheap WoW shirts.

Supply List:
Plain T-shirt  ($5)
Fabric transfer paper ($7)
Image (free)

1.) Plan your World Of Warcraft shirt design. Will the shirt be dark or light? Choose transfer paper based on the color of your shirt: light or dark.

2.)  Find the image you'd like on your shirt. You can find free graphics all over the web. I think we found the Horde Symbol used in the picture above on Picasa. Or you can do a search on World Of Warcraft art.

3.) Download the image to your computer.

4.) If you want, edit your image with a graphics program. There are tons of free ones to download. I used Irfanview to sharpen the image here.

5.) The free Avery Design & Print Online application can be used to create the layout. You can add images and texts under the Basic Designs Category.

6.) Once you're finished print your design onto transfer paper. It should print in reverse. You may need to use more than one sheet as you figure out which size looks best for your shirt.*

7.) Cut your decal out. Cut excess transfer paper from your decal. Otherwise it leaves a hard shiny film on your project. Not cute when working on dark material.

8.) Place your decal/s on your shirt and iron for a few minutes.

9.) Let cool then peel the back of the transfer paper off.

10.) Finished!

*Note - You can print more than one image on your transfer paper if you have space. It wastes less paper.

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