Jun 15, 2010

Questioning My Taste

I easily read a couple dozen home decor blogs each week. Thrift store finds, high end knock offs and tutorials catch my eye. The thing is....when I find something I love it throws me off. One day I'm all about Tuscan kitchens. The next I'm into the clean lines of minimalism. Then off on a Cottage inspired vibe.

I really need to narrow down what I really like. What's MY personal style.

Not sure I know the answer yet. But I'd better get a clue before we move into our new house and end up with a hodge podge of crap! In the past couple of weeks I've gotten a little clearer about what I DON'T like. And please don't take this as a criticism of anyone else's style but....

1.) Painting everything white is boring to me. Sure it looks chic. But with 4 kids and a hubby running around it isn't practical. We need furniture that hides dirt!

2.) 50,000,000 patterns in one room gives me a headache.

3.) I don't want my house to look like everyone else's. This is where personal creativity (or lack thereof) comes in. I need to get some PRONTO.

4.) I no longer like cheap stuff. I mean, cheaply made....not inexpensive.

5.) I don't really know why everyone is over the moon about subway art, chore charts, barn stars and pottery barn. Maybe I'll figure it out as my taste develops.

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