Mar 16, 2010

Easy Peasy Chicken Parm

I'm all over The Pioneer Woman Cooks these days. After discovering her website last week I've spent a lot of time perusing the recipes and pictures. Trying to decide which delicious meal to try first.

Well, the Braised Short Ribs and Chicken Parmigiana won! I'm not as talented as Ree. But just look at my handy work!

Both dishes have wonderful flavor and texture. I've never made short ribs before. But we'll likely have it on occasion now.

The Chicken Parmigiana is my favorite. The meat was well seasoned, tender and juicy. While the sauce was slightly sweet and subtle. It's a great combination. I followed the recipe exactly....OK....except I pureed the sauce a bit with my hand mixer. My son eats better when his veggies are hidden.

The kid doesn't like tomatoes....or so he thinks.


  1. Yummmm, those look so good. I really need to try those recipes. They look delicious!

    Thanks for linking up to my party!!!