Mar 13, 2010

Cheap Bathroom Art

Michael and I have been trying to buy a house for months now. We just can't find the ideal characteristics we want. Namely great schools (elementary, middle and high school) and proximity to the base where my hubby works, I shop and the kids go to the doctor.

My time in our crowded townhouse isn't wasted. I have tons of little projects to do while we get it ready for the next family who'll occupy it. My primary focus (besides the usual paint and carpet redo) is updating the kitchen and bathrooms.
Here's an inexpensive craft I tried this week to spiff up the downstairs powder room. All you need is scrapbook paper and inexpensive frames. The ones in the picture were purchased for $1 each at Target.

The theme I'm going for is calm and beachy. I want to feel like I'm sitting on a private North Carolina beach at dawn. Gray, blue and sandy brown really appeal to me here.

Next go 'round I think I'll try my hand at fancy frames for the living room.


  1. I love Target for frames! Every time I find one on sale there, I buy it, even if I don't have a place to put it yet!
    Great idea, love the birdie on top!

  2. Thanks, Beckaboots. I can't resist their dollar aisle. The small price makes me feel better about ruining perfectly good stuff (LOL)!