Sep 19, 2009

Infant Hair Bows and Clippies

Yep. That's my new obsession.

I'm a really simple mommy. Frilly frou-frou clothes and accessories don't appeal to me. Simple lines and uncomplicated patterns are more my style. As a result, my beautiful daughter and I leave the house looking.....well...undone most days. We need to jazz up our look!

Improving Sweetpea's wardrobe is pretty easy. Just add a few bows and we're done. Bows are like makeup or high heeled shoes for babies. Seriously. They're super easy to make. And they can be made to match any outfit she has.

I made tuxedo bows last week:

Oh, and here's a fabric flower I'm working on. I know it's almost Fall. But maybe I can get away with Autumn hued ones?? Just a thought.

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