Jan 11, 2009

Mama Bird Diaper Mock Up

After looking at numerous diaper patterns online I finally decided to try the Mama Bird newborn pattern. Some of the others (like Ottobre) were nice but WAY too big! Who has the patience to break out a calculator to figure out the math? The Mama Bird Pattern was simple and sized right. It fits newborns up to 12lbs. So I'll likely make several more. Maybe opting for the All-In-One next week.

This one was made for practice. Making mock ups of my projects for practice and learning works well for me. It's comforting to know that the item doesn't have to be perfect. So I'm patient and willing to try new things that ultimately increase my skill and ensure sewing success.

Personal Notes:
1.) Shorten the soaker from 12" to 10.5"
2.) Try wider/colorful velcro.
3.) Lengthen leg elastics.
4.) Stick with coordinating thread. It hides mistakes well.

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